​In partnership with ComEd's Smart Ideas program, NDL Chicago is a ComEd Trade Ally offering long-life, energy-efficient lighting products that will cut your electricity use up to 70% 

Through our Rebate Manager there is no application or rebate form needed.

We do ALL the work for you!

Smart Ideas for Your Business® offers cash incentives for energy-efficient indoor and outdoor lighting. There are incentives for LED, hardwire compact fluorescent, metal halide and induction lighting. Incentives for T12-to-T8 upgrades and other fluorescent retrofits are also available. 

​Through the Business Instant Lighting Discounts (BILD) program, incentives are available on reduced wattage lamps that can be installed as a direct replacement for standard lamps. 

The qualifying lamp categories are: 

Screw-in LED lamps and LED trim kits
Reduced wattage T8 and T5 linear fluorescent
New fixtures and controls